Blog : female 70s

Ms. C. Y. from  Japan

Ms. C. Y. from Japan

I’ve been drinking EM・X GOLD for 10 years. I drink 15ml-20ml with hot water every morning. When I feel less energetic, I drink about 30ml.

I started using EM about 25 years ago when my son told me “I want to eat freshly harvested tomatoes!” Ever since, EM has been in my daily life, and I enjoy myself without being sick. When someone asks me, “is there anything wrong with your body?” I can answer, “Nothing at all” with a big smile, despite of my age, 73.

My grandchild was born this year. So, I gave EM・X GOLD to my daughter-in-law who breastfeeds the baby. She is happy that the baby is growing more healthily. Now, I purchase EM・X GOLD for them, too, and we share the great experience in the family and in the community!

I drink 60ml EM・X GOLD every day. I haven’t been sick for 5~6 years. I am happy that I can spend my days healthily.