What does it taste like?

EM・X GOLD is almost flavorless and odorless like water. Some users may taste some saltiness since we use natural seawater-based magnesium chloride as one of our ingredients. You can mix it with water or tea, in which case you would not taste it at all; it would actually mellow out the flavor.

Doesn’t the heating process during production kill the microorganisms?

EM・X GOLD is a beverage that makes use of beneficial nutrients produced during fermentation process and not the microorganisms themselves. EM・X GOLD undergoes a pasteurization process during production. We harness the fermentation power of EM and extract nutrients that can withstand immense amounts of thermal stress. Such nutrients contain various types of biologically active substances. These nutrients revitalize us by penetrating deeply into our cells and other microorganisms in our bodies. EM・X GOLD does not attempt to improve the health of its users by using live microorganisms. It does so with by fermentation power of EM.

How much should I drink?

EM・X GOLD is a refreshment drink so there isn’t a specific dose you need to take. You can drink as much or as little as you want to match your condition or lifestyle. Some people show diarrhea-like symptoms after drinking. Adjust the amount to suit your physical condition. The most important thing is to drink it every day.

How should I drink it?

Because EM・X GOLD is almost flavorless, you can enjoy it in your favorite manner.

Keep is simple and drink it as it is.
Mix with other beverage*
Add EM・X GOLD to hot water, tea, coffee, or juice.
In your cooking*
Add EM・X GOLD when you cook rice, soup, stew, salad dressing, or even stir-fries. It is good for baking as well. Add it to your bread dough or cookie dough!

How long should I continue to drink it?

It is recommended that you drink it for 3 months. EM・X GOLD is a refreshment drink, the effects of which are felt through continued use. There are various opinions, but it is believed that most cells in our bodies are replaced within 3 to 4 months. It is recommended that you try it for 3 months, though results may vary. A lot of users users have been drinking it since the original EM・X was developed in 1994.

When should I drink it?

It is recommended that you make a habit of drinking EM・X GOLD according to your lifestyle. Since it is a refreshment drink, you can consume it anytime you want. The important thing is to make it a habit. Some like to drink it as soon as they wake up, some after dinner, some before bed. Making it a part of your daily routine will help you remember drinking it every day.

How is it different from Probiotics?

Probiotic Drink contains live microorganisms, as well as dead microbes; on the other hand, EM・X GOLD does not contain live microorganisms.

How is it different from medicine and supplements?

  Medicine Supplements EM・X GOLD
Purpose PurposeTo yield a certain effect PurposeTo supplement certain nutrients PurposeTo support the body to recover to its original good health
Component ComponentOne main component in high concentration ComponentOnly a kind of nutrient or mineral in large doses ComponentVariety of nutrients in smaller amounts
Dosage DosageMust be taken under medical supervision DosageShould not be consumed more than necessary DosageNo limitation
Side Effects Side Effects★★★★★ Side Effects☆☆☆
(if overdosed)
Side EffectsNone
Target TargetThose with certain conditions TargetThose in need for nutritional support TargetAnyone with any level of health; from babies to the elderly

What exactly is "low molecular weight"?

Many of the heat-resistant nutrients found in EM・X GOLD have low molecular weights. The size of proteins are measured in molecular weights (Da) and anything lower than 10’000 Da is considered to be low molecular weight. For comparison, the meat-softening enzyme found in pineapples have a molecular weight of 33’000. It is said that digestive organs can only absorb molecules less than 3’000 to 4’000, maybe even under 1’000 Da. Ninety five percent of the compounds in EM・X GOLD are less than 3’000, and half of them are less than 500.

What kind of coral calcium is used?

Coral calcium used for EM・X GOLD is fossilized Okinawan coral in powder form that is legally approved for human consumption.

Is it safe for infants and mothers during pregnancy?

EM・X GOLD can be consumed safely by infants and women during pregnancy. Only the safest natural ingredients are selected. As such, breast-feeding mothers can drink EM・X GOLD without worry. The recommended amount for adults is 10ml to 30ml per day. Children and toddlers should drink 1/3 to 1/2 of that to account for the difference in bodyweight.

Breast-feeding mothers
Before breast-feeding, some mothers spray EM・X GOLD on their breast.
For children
It is recommended that you pour about a tablespoonful of EM・X GOLD in the rice cooker , bread dough, or soup so the whole family can enjoy the benefits naturally.

EM・X GOLD is not a medication. There is no specific dose or time to drink it. You can enjoy it any way that fits your lifestyle.

Do you conduct quality inspection? Please tell me how safe this product is.

The EM・X GOLD factory is certified and operated under FSSC22000, one of the best international food safety management systems. It enables us to ensure we are manufacturing high-quality products in a safe and hygienic environment. Each and every lot will leave the factory only if it passes all the final examinations on pH, sensory evaluation, physicochemical analysis and sanitation. All the ingredients are also required to pass radioactivity inspection, and radioactivity inspection is conducted regularly for the final product to ensure that it is below the minimum detectable activity (0.5Bq/kg).

What is the shelf life?

Its shelf life is 1 year (12 months) from production, unopened.

The best-before date is labeled on the top of the container and the bottom of box. Furthermore, please refrigerate once opened and consume within 1 month as it does not contain preservatives.

How do I store it?

Avoid direct sunlight and keep in stable room temperature.
Please store in the refrigerator and drink within 1 month after opening as it does not contain preservatives. Please do not drink from the bottle directly; pour into a cup or other container.

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