80% saw improvement!

Became more energetic, Felt lighter, Body condition improved etc.

What is EM・X GOLD? Moderating
Your Health Balance.

Fermented foods such as Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Miso, Temph, Kimchi, Cheese and Yogurt facilitate the absorption of nutrients and boost digestive health by activating gut microorganisms. While having these benefits, fermented foods are not always perfect. Some fermented foods are stressful for those who have sensitive stomachs or who are lactose intolerant..

EM・X GOLD is a beverage produced with the power of fermentation. Unlike typical fermented foods, EM・X GOLD does not contain live microorganisms, and it is “lactose-free”, “gluten-free” and “zero-calorie”. Moreover, due to the large number of low molecular weight compounds, EM・X GOLD does not stress the stomach even when you are tired or not feeling well, regardless of your age. People are subjected to many stressors in modern life and this can cause imbalance in the body. EM・X GOLD will re-balance your body in a natural way..

Of course, effects will vary between individuals due to different health and gut conditions, but 80% of new customers who take EM・X GOLD regularly report improved health within the first 3 months!.

Gut Flora is the key
to your health

About 70% of our immune system is in our gut, therefore maintaining balanced digestive health is crucial to our body’s overall health and beauty. Also, there is growing evidence that the gut is like your “second brain” and it even influences your thoughts, feelings and stress levels.

"Microbial Flora" in the Gut

There are more than 100 trillion microorganisms in our gut. These gut microorganisms produce enzymes and some vitamins that are necessary for our body, so the balance of good gut flora is essential to stay healthy. However, depending on your lifestyle and eating habits, the balance of gut flora can be disrupted.

As "Second Brain"

Healthy gut flora is critical for overall health and beauty. Your gut works as your “second brain,” and it even influences your thoughts, feelings and stress levels. The level of beneficial bacteria in your gut decreases as you age. Therefore, fermented foods have been gaining popularity among health conscious people.

100% Natural Ingredients

Ingredients are 100% pure, gluten free & dairy free. They are all selected carefully to ensure their safety and high quality.


Perfect feed for microbial growth. Contains calcium, iron, and magnesium.


Natural seawater-based magnesium chloride. Left-over sea water with salt removed. Rich in minerals..


Rich in nutrients and minerals for microorganisms.


Calcium derived from fossilized coral. Rich in magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

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